Who Am I

My name is Paweł Luniak and I live in Poland. I hold a Master's degree in Computer Science from Wrocław University of Technology and Science. I am currently working as a Computer Vision Engineer at Tooploox. I am really passionate about the filed of computer vision and machine learning and I love to broaden my knowledge about that.

What is This Blog About

I set up this blog in order to help myself to organize my knowledge about variety of topics, mainly about software development and machine learning in a broad sense. For a long time I have been creating private evernote notes on mentioned topics. I thought that I can share these notes in some way and that is how the idea of this blog born. I hope you find some content useful, I will do my best to make it happen.

My Interests

My biggest interests are software development and machine learning. I am particularly excited about the latter one, because of the recent advancement in deep learning and what is more, I believe it will enormously change our world in the following years.

In my spare time I am avid road and mountain cyclist — that’s in summer. In winter, I take my skis and put them to use on frozen slopes. When I have to rest after one of these activities I read books, listen to music and watch endless TV series.